7 Epic Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you have a dog lover in your family, you will love these fun gifts for dog lovers! Before we had our dog Riley I was clueless as to how much fun having a dog would be.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

This collection of gifts for dog lovers is for everybody who take pride and joy in having a dog. (hashtag #dogsarethebest)

Gifts for Dog Lovers … it’s personal

Ok, I’ll admit I’m one of ‘these people.’ – Dog Lovers!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or follow me on social media, you know that I am dog-obsessed.

Gifts for Dog Lovers - written by a dog lover

And consider myself incredibly lucky because our dog Riley is just … well, he’s the best, cutest, and smartest dog – ever. And I understand you might not agree. 🙂 

Since Riley is my first dog, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t even know that getting gifts for dog lovers was a thing. Dog lovers have the dog … isn’t that enough?

Then Riley came into our lives, and the fur frenzy began. And I unashamedly admit that I have purchased a lot of ‘dog-related’ items.

And because my dog-owning friends are similarly ‘obsessed,’ I know I am not alone. So, if you have people like my friends and me, in your circle, here are some great gift ideas for dog lovers.

Great Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

By the way, dog lovers will love you if you think their dog is the best. 😉  … and in Riley’s case it would be true. He the best!!

If you have a dog, you know how amazing they are and you’ll love these gifts for dog lovers.

Pssst, I won’t tell if you’ll get some of these dog lover gifts for yourself.

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Key Holder and Dog Leash Hanger

How cute is this key holder and leash wall hanger? Keep the entire family organized.

The last thing you want to do is to stress out if you want to run out the door (to take your pup out for a walk) and you can’t find your keys or his leash.

Seriously, I hope my family is reading this! 😉

Dog Shaped Candy Mold 

This might just be the perfect gift for your dog-loving baker friend or family member. My friend Emma bakes a lot of dog treats for her two pooches (and adorable Yorkie pair). She would surely put this mold to good use.

Making dog shaped candy for your family or even a special homemade treat for your dog!


 Ok, we are going to take gifts for dog lovers to the next level. Check out this super cute sweater. What you might not see at first is that it’s no ordinary sweater. ‘That’s right, this sweater doubles as a dog carrier.

‘If your pooch is small, older, and needs breaks now and then, this sweater might be the perfect solution.


As a dog owner, you probably know how that not all dog treat jars are created the same. Often they’ll make the treats go stale even faster.

And if your dog’s a picky eater … well, you know what happens, treats go bad. This treat jar is attractive and almost air-tight.

Therefore your dog’s treats will stay fresh longer!

Therefore your dog’s treats will stay fresh longer!

Dog Lover Gift Ideas
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Throw Pillow Cover

This cute 18×18 inch pillow cover is perfect for a chair in a family room, living or even a bedroom.

And you never know it might become the pooch’s next favorite pillow to plop down on and take a well-deserved rest (the pillow inserts are not included).

Dogfather – Whiskey Glass for Dog Dads

Maybe you have dog lovers who also enjoy a glass of bourbon, scotch, or similar adult beverage on your list. If so, this tumbler might just be the perfect gift for them.


Stylish and sturdy. This dog carrier is perfect to take your little pooch around town or on longer trips.

Zippers, and a roll-up window allow the dog to watch the world without being watched. The extra compartment on the side is perfect for storing extra bags, wipes, and of course treats.

More Gift Ideas and Inspiration

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Are you a dog lover?  Please leave your comments below and tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Use the hashtag #capgifts. I can’t wait to see your favorite gift ideas.

PS: Full Confession Friday. I just bought an advent calendar from Trader Joe’s  – for our dog Riley. I couldn’t find the Trader Joe’s advent calendar online, but you can check out this treat-filled advent calendar from Amazon. Your pooch will love you – even more!

PPS: Riley can be a picky eater at times. He hated the Trader Joe’s calendar treats. After his outright refusal I gave the dog treat advent calendar to my friend Emma. And her two pooches loved it!


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